Tai Chi in Kos

The new year is here!

There are new beginners lessons too.

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The health of your body and mind is the most precious thing in life.

Nowadays however our health is threatened a lot by stress. Life is too noisy, too busy, too demanding; high performance jobs, loud and full roads, bad news on television. We all need to have and to be the best, giving 100% of our energy to all this. And we forget to use our energy for our health.

90% of all diseases are triggered by stress. We need to relax. Tai Chi is perfect to relax. The slow, smooth and continuous movements slow the body and mind down, relaxing and opening the body, relaxing and opening the mind, so the life energy can flow easily through the body and heal it wherever necessary.

Different people can have different benefits by practising the same Tai Chi exercises.

Tai Chi is magic.

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