Meditation in motion
Medication in motion

I have tried to meditate while sitting still.
I have also taken yoga classes where I meditated lying down at the end of the class. I can tell you that that was absolutely not a success. It made me restless and during the yoga classes I very gently tried the previous exercises again (The yoga teacher turned a blind eye and allowed it with a smile.)
And who would have ever thought: I am now meditating daily but in a different way.

Tai Chi is also called ‘Meditation in motion’ and some even say ‘Medication in motion’.

Let’s see what meditation actually is.
A definition I found on the internet says:
Focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation

Tai Chi is a series of slow flowing movements that together form a ‘form’.
These slow flowing movements calm your breathing.
It also becomes slower and deeper.
The heart follows this, making the heartbeat slower.
All this in turn allows the brain to relax.
Now that all those monkey mind thoughts have left the brain, the focus can be turned to the body.
This is where the inner ‘work’ comes into play.

So actually the Tai Chi movements are not even that important.
It’s more about turning inwards, the focus on the inner.

Back to the definition, we now have in Tai Chi:
– focus on the inner
– for a period of time, the duration of the Tai Chi form
– turned inward in silence, in nature or with quiet music
– for relaxation or spiritual purpose
So, yes, Tai Chi is a form of meditation.

And maybe you already know, maybe you don’t.
The above has a positive effect on health in general. The rest in body and mind enables the body to use its own inner healing process. A healing method without side effects, unlike medicines. The magic of the body.
So, yes, Tai Chi is a kind of medication.

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