What is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi is a moving art embracing the body, the mind and the spirit.

  • It is a slow-moving exercise based on nature
  • It searches for the balance between yin and yang, as seen in nature – not only the balance visible from outside, but also the inner balance
  • Its gentle, round and flowing movements contain an inner power which strengthen the body

When you practice Tai Chi you move slow and smoothly. And you breathe slow and deeply.

When your movements and breath are slow, your heart slows down too.

Your brain is the next one to follow this relaxed pace, and all the monkey thoughts in your mind can be released. Now the mind is not distracted any more by these mostly negative thoughts. It can do the work it should do:

  • Listening and reacting to all the signs coming from the body
  • The reports about the state the body is in

Now the brain is free to send all the healing energy to all the right places in the body to help itself heal.

So Tai Chi helps to quiet your mind, relax the body, and heal the body and the mind.

Teaching this beautiful art for several years now, I found out that Tai chi helps you on your most urgent issues.

Different people can have different results with exactly the same movements and training.

Tai Chi is not only meditation in motion, but also medication in motion.

Practising Tai Chi will give you a more relaxed, healthier and happier life for the rest of your days.

Who can do Tai Chi?

Tai Chi can be done by anyone:

  • male and female
  • young and old
  • strong and weak
  • any level of intelligence
  • healthy or ill

People practise it to become more capable of withstanding whatever life may throw their way, physically, mentally, emotionally, socially.

You can always adjust the movements in the most comfortable and safe way for you and your specific condition.

You can do it standing upright, sitting down or laying on your bed.

What do you need?

No tools are needed but a little space, comfortable clothes and flat shoes.

Outdoors will benefit you even more. Nature nurtures your body, mind and spirit. You get energised by the sky above and the earth beneath you.

I prefer to do my own Tai Chi as well as the lessons outdoors.

As you can read here, sometimes it is impossible to do Tai Chi outdoors, whether because of your condition, the place where you live or the weather conditions.

Private indoors lessons could be a solution. For an appointment you can go here.

Indoors or outdoors, it is up to you. Just be safe and comfortable.

Why should you practise Tai Chi? 

Tai Chi originates from ancient China as a martial art.

Nowadays, it  is practised in every corner of the world for health improvement.

Scientific studies show that the practice of Tai Chi improves and prevents almost all chronic diseases.

These diseases are mostly triggered by stress.

Some of these are arthritis, heart disease, diabetes.

In addition it improves balance, immunity, and reduces stress.

In fact, Tai Chi improves practically every aspect of health.