Tai Chi retreat on Kos

I want to ask you some questions. Have you ever dreamed about having a relaxed, healthy and happy life, even when you are 100 years old? To relax and give your body and mind the opportunity to become healthier and therefore happier while having a fabulous holiday at the same time? To learn some really enjoyable tools, to use at home so you can always live the most independent and best life possible?

We’d like to invite you to our specially curated retreat ‘Tai Chi retreat Kos’ for Tai Chi for health. Held in Captain Pavlos Hotel in Kos on 31 October to 3 November, it’s an opportunity to learn more about Tai Chi, relaxation and health, explore the local area and make new connections. A chance to allow us to focus on you. It’s a safe space away from the busyness of modern life and one in which you can participate as much, or as little as you like.

Wrapped up in Greek culture and nature, you’ll enjoy only the best local cuisine, be able to take a swim in the crystal-clear sea and make enough connections to last a lifetime. It’s a pressure free environment designed to absorb the magical healing power of Tai Chi and nature in a beautiful Mediterranean setting and setting you up to take your new skills home with you.

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This unforgettable, warm,sunny, relaxing and healing weekend on Kos, the island of Hipocrates, is the start of  the rest of your more relaxed, healthier and happier life.These are the days to experience all your senses, known and unknown.

  • The sight of the blue sky, of the multicolored sea and the Turkish shore at the horizon
  • The sound of the waves, of the wind around your ears, of the birds in the sky
  • The feeling of the warm sun on your skin, the wind through your hair, and the sand between your toes.
  • The smell of the fresh spices, of the clear sea, of the beautiful flowers
  • The taste of the salty sea, the delicious Greek food, and the cooling drinks

All these 5 senses will be very grateful to you for coming to Greece. But don’t you forget the other senses.

  • Your sense of belonging, of knowing there is more between heaven and earth,
  • the sense of relaxation, serenity, being in the mood.
  • The sense of healing body and mind,
  • The sense of you becoming more of the real you. The you who has the right to live a more relaxed, healthier and happier life, now and in the future.

You can experience all this during the Tai Chi retreat and get the tools to keep the feeling going forever if you want to.

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Day 1,  

After checking in just settle in your beautiful room and start feeling the Greek atmosphere. Have a look around, soak in the warmth of the sun, the smell of the nearby sea, the sound of the wind in the palm trees and meet your host Arni and the other guests around.

We will have dinner at the accomodation

In the evening we will enjoy our first Tai Chi session on the beach at sunset

Day 2,  

8.00 AM Morning Tai Chi session

9.00 AM delicious Greek breakfast

Bicycle rent

Free time, to go to the beach, try out your bike, go shopping in town,relax at the pool

Afternoon visit to Asklepeion

Sunset Tai Chi at Asklepeion

Dinner in Platani

Day 3, April retreat 

8.00 AM: Morning Tai Chi Session

9.00 AM Breakfast at the hotel

Free time for relaxation or additional activities and grab a lunch

Afternoon: visit to Odeon and Ancient Nymphaion.

Evening Tai Chi Session in a park in Kos town. 

Dinner at a Local Taverna

Day 4 

8:00 AM: Morning Tai Chi Session

9.00 AM: Goodbye breakfast

Enjoy your last hours on Kos chatting with your new made friends and feel how relaxed you are, notice how your body and mind feel so much better now, feel the peace and happiness as you have never felt before.

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What’s included

  • 3 Nights accommodation.
  • Transport from and to the airport
  • Breakfast daily (x3)
  • Dinner at the accommodation on the first evening
  • Daily morning Tai Chi at the accommodation
  • Daily evening Tai Chi at the different locations
  • Bicycle
  • Entrance Asklepeion
  • Link to a Tai Chi video to help you to practice at home

Not included

  • Flights
  • Lunch and dinner (only dinner on Thursday is included)
  • Spending money


3 day weekend retreat only  €460 for a single room, €430 for a shared room.

Book a Zoom call with me here to find out more about how amazing the retreat is going to be, if it is a good fit to you or to secure your spot. Or send me an e-mail with your questions:

What people say about the retreat.

I feel grateful for the great company, the sun, the delicious food, the great lessons. Charged with positive energy.




We, the Tai Chi group from La Baracca Beringen, were super satisfied, beyond all expectations, top place in Kos, and Arni was great, we will definitely go back again.



It was a relaxing trip with pleasant and cheerful company. The challenging tai chi sessions in beautiful, relaxing locations were great and allowed us to connect with each other and our inner strength. Thank you Arni and Philip




Nogmaals bedankt, ik mis het ook, het was zo fijn geweest. En Zo goed georganiseerd.



I will be able to enjoy such wonderful Kos sisters for a long time to come, I enjoyed every moment of this, I will never forget it.

And Arni, you have done more than your best, I hope everyone gets to know you, like us, you are a Top woman, so sweet, so enterprising, this is the start of your great career in the tai chi retreat, I wish good luck to you.


Nogmaals hartelijk dank voor de super workshop
Je hebt dat goed gedaan
En dat voor de eerste keer, wow.



I feel more at home in my body. Very nice slowing down. By consciously rolling your feet. Thank you Philip and Arni


for the fantastic journey in the company of beautiful people in such a beautiful, powerful place. We have shed light.



Thank you for taking us to such beautiful places and for showing us more about taichi and thank you for the beautiful meditations that brought us closer to ourselves, hug Gerd


A letter of my special guest at the retreat senior trainer Philip Kums to Dr Paul Lam, founder of the Tai Chi for Health institute

At the end of April I participated in a 4-day Tai Chi retreat in Kos (Greece) with Certified Instructor Arni Trommelen. It was a unique experience.

We stayed in a small cozy family hotel. Pavlos, a young man around 40 and owner of the hotel, took it over from his father at the age of 24, after his father died suddenly. The rooms were very spacious and clean. Breakfast was very tasty. We were able to eat outside under a beautiful blue sky. Feeling the sun on your face in the morning immediately made you feel good.

Certified Instructor Arni was also always present. Originally she is from the Netherlands. But she has lived on the Greek island already for 35 years. She is a very sweet lady with a beautiful smile. Her Tai Chi sessions were completely according to the stepwise teaching method. It was really a pleasure to follow. We were able to follow Tai Chi sessions in various places, such as on the beach at sunset, on a hill in the garden of Hippocrates and in the beautiful garden of the hotel. In total we could attend a Tai Chi session a maximum of 3 times a day. But you were never obliged to participate. If you wanted to stay in bed a little longer one morning, you could. If you wanted to cycle to Kos town, it was no problem at all to miss the morning session. The fact that all the sessions were outside was just beautiful. I’ve done them all. Tai Chi is based on the laws of nature. Of course that’s true. But when you practice Tai Chi in a room, it is not so easy to feel it. But there on the island, where you could see, smell, feel, hear and even taste nature, my Tai Chi suddenly became so much more. Through Tai Chi I suddenly became one with nature and I also gained so much more respect for nature. Because then you suddenly feel how powerful it is. Truly an extraordinary experience. Other participants said the same thing. For example, there was someone who said the following after she returned home: “ I left tired but returned full of energy.”. Indeed, I am also fully charged.

Arni is organizing another retreat at the end of October. More information can be found on her website:

Unfortunately, I already have something else planned. But I will definitely be back next year.

Thank you Dr. Lam and the Tai Chi for Health institute because thanks to you I can meet a lot of nice new people like Arni. Thank you Arni for organizing such a beautiful retreat.



Some photo’s from the Tai Chi retreat of april 2024