My name is Arni Trommelen.

I am a sports teacher, schoolteacher, and Tai Chi instructor living in Greece on the island of Kos .

I am empathetic, have a lot of patience and respect everyone as they are.

Since my childhood I wanted to do something with sports. It helped me in my life to make contact with other people. I never was very ambitious in my sports. I loved practising but I never needed to win. In my eyes sport is a tool to stay/get healthy, have fun and make friends. So I became a sports teacher.

Then I fell in love and moved from the Netherlands to Greece. Here on the island of Kos the only sport being practised in those days was football by men. Of course many things have changed now.

I also saw many people, especially older people, being ill. I knew they would be so much better off if they would do some kind of sports. But for me it was impossible to set something up. First I needed to go to Athens for a few years to upgrade my degree in Greek. Having two small children this was impossible.

Then I got my back problem. From one day to the next I could not sit, stand or walk any more without a lot of pain. It took me many years and lots of gymnastics and ups and downs to get healthy again. During those days I promised myself to do everything possible to get out of this painful situation and not get back in there ever again, even when I am 100 years old. I managed, well I am not a 100 yet but so far I am perfect.

Then I found Tai Chi, I started practising and studying it. This was great for me, it really resonated and I immediately thought back to the years I wanted to start up something to help the people on Kos.

And here I am.

I went to England and Belgium and got two certifications for Tai Chi for health, by Dr. Paul Lam:

  • Tai Chi for arthritis and fall prevention
  • Tai Chi for energy

But I found out that any form of Tai Chi helps anybody, just the way they need the most. This is what I wanted, a moving art for health, joy and social contacts to help the people on Kos.

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